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How It Works:


Leading physicians and medical experts worldwide have discovered the unprecedented size enhancing/erection boosting effects of what has been called "the most effective male augmentation compound available!" Butea Superba 528 is a revolutionary new approach to increasing the size of the male anatomy, that has literally astounded the medical community with a level of effectiveness that is truly unsurpassed in the field. This sophisticated new technology was designed based on the latest scientific research on the mechanisms of vasodilation and capillary expansion, and has yielded what many experts consider to be the most remarkable results every seen in the natural male enhancement field!

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The Secret is The Formula!

Do not mistake Butea Superba 528 for any other male enhancement product you have ever seen advertised before. Butea Superba 528 is a truly revolutionary male enhancement breakthrough.

Butea Superba 528 is the only male enhancement formula that works automatically. There is absolutely no need to do penile exercises, no need to take it on an empty stomach, there is no need to front load or cycle the pills for any time! You just take two capsules daily, that's all. Why? Because Butea Superba 528's combination of pharmaceutical grade, proprietary compounds coupled with our Super Critical Extraction Process and Rapid Expansion Technology, make the task of making you bigger automatic!

Butea Superba 528's proprietary formula is centered around a highly advanced, research proven vasodilation-expanding compound that been shown to elicit unprecedented results in men of all ages. It is literally transforming men and their sex lives like no other product ever developed.

The key to Butea Superba 528's effectiveness is centered around our key proprietary engineering innovations: our super critical extraction process which allows us to get significantly more of the "active" component of the compounds in the formula, and our Rapid Expansion Technology Delivery System which effectively delivers the formula to the targeted zones, triggering greater size improvements than any other male enhancement product on the market.